the secret knock

it seems like every single time i tell someone the baby is kicking and they feel my belly she instantly stops kicking.  i've been trying to get my mom to feel her kicks for a few weeks but it wasn't happening.  all that changed last week, i think it was last wednesday.  i had stopped at my moms office on my way home and e played her trick the second my mom put her hand on my belly.  so then my mom says she needs to do a secret knock to let e know that it's her grandmuzza.  there is this secret knock my mom has done for as long as i can remember, she does it whenever she comes over to our house.  so she does the knock on my belly and within seconds she gets a response from e in the form of a kick.  we laughed so hard.  so my mom tried her secret knock two more times and instantly she got a kick both times.  it was the funniest cutest thing in the world.


  1. Haha, that's so cool!

    I ALWAYS had that problem, they always stop kicking or moving once someone's waiting to feel it. I guess we'll have to make up a secret knock next time.

  2. "E" totally knows her grand muzza...that was a magical moment and I loved it :)

  3. ahhhh those babies kicks are my favorite. you are going to be the best little mommy! hope you are feeling well!


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