sad to happy

you know those days where you feel sad or cranky for no reason?
i was kind of having one of those. 
then as the evening arrived things got better.
here's why:

this surprise package was at my door from brandi.
she sure is a thoughtful one.
oh and just so you know brandi....will and i took turns reading that book to each other.
it is really cute.

this stuff arrived for our baby love.
i've read a few articles about how toxic the usual baby products are so i'm all about trying different natural products.  yes, the typical baby stuff smells yummy and it makes me want to use it, but after learning the bad stuff there is no way i could use it without feeling terrible. 
p.s. this stuff smells pretty yummy, earthy but i'm totally fine with that.

we had game night next to the tree with my favorite chocolatey treat these days (cadbury christmas balls).

houndstooth admired my skip-bo skills from under the tree. 
i guess i didn't give the kitties enough credit because they have been really good with the tree.  only one ornament has been taken off so far.  they just like to snooze under there, which i think is really cute.

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  1. I'm so glad it made your day better. That's my favorite book to read to our kids, and I figured it was one you'd like, so I searched for a copy the next time we were at Barnes and Noble.

    I've never seen that brand of baby wash, but obviously the snail on there makes me love it!

    Oh, and I meant to stick the Seventh Generation coupon in there, but I think I lost it. :(


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