a real snowflake

you know how when you think of a snowflake you think of something like this.
but in reality when snow is falling it doesn't look anything like that. 
it's more like fluffy blobs. 
well when we were out at my moms getting ready for christmas pictures i noticed a snowflake fall in my hair that looked kind of like the picture above.  i got so excited and showed it to my mom, she thought it was really neat too.  then i had the bright idea to take a picture of it but it melted before i could get a picture.
a few seconds later another magically shaped snowflake fell on my hair again and i took a quick picture but i was so worried about it melting that i couldn't get a very clear shot. 
so here it is...
trust me....it was magical!  even if the picture doesn't quite do it justice. 

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  1. How neat! Its funny I was watching Max and ruby today with the kiddos. (Get ready for it momma, you will get to know them well) and the snow falling looked like your top picture. I love it!


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