a different christmas

our christmas was a little different this year and actually i liked it. 
we decided with the expenses of a new baby it wouldn't be smart to buy gifts for each other. 
i absolutely love finding the perfect gifts for will, as does he for me, and i really love wrapping them up all pretty so i was worried it would feel weird without that fun stuff.
not that i think it's all about the presents anyway but let's be honest....who doesn't love that traditional thing? 
i still got a few fun things for will's stocking because i couldn't resist and he still managed to be sneaky and get me one gift because he couldn't resist. 
mine is supposed to be here today and he wouldn't give me any hints which has nearly killed me.
we also gave each other cards and since i'm such a sucker for the perfect card with the perfect words written in it that was enough for me. 
well that and this gift in my belly.
the baby girl.
when a giant box arrived at our doorstep a couple days before christmas i told will... this is our gift.
i still have a hard time believing that in a few short months a sweet little baby is going to be sitting in this carseat and going for rides in that stroller.
i have always been the type to love the anticipation of an event only to feel blue about it afterwards.
all of the excitement building up for days only to be over in a matter of minutes. 
since i was a little kid i remember being sad after the presents were opened and christmas was over. 
the bonus of this year was that i didn't feel that way. 
we enjoyed time with family. 
my mom and i had extreme laughing fits while running errands and baking cookies. 
we saw a movie with my mom, brother, and grandmother then went out to a nice dinner.
it was a lovely break from the day to day busy schedules we all have.


  1. That's how I've always felt, all blue after Christmas is over.

    I LOOOOOOOVE the carseat/stroller you bought! So cute. We're supposed to be waiting a little longer this time before getting pregnant, but you're making me want to get pregnant right NOW!

  2. I always feel blue too..There is much anticipation and then boom its over...
    I agree with Brandy, you give me baby fever as well.
    The stroller is PERFECT;-)


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