a package from tco

he did it again.
i got home and saw a package at the door from tco.
i called will right away and excitedly blurted out that there was a package from the calico organization at the door. 
he laughed, told me he loved me, and then said i had to wait until he got home to open it.
my response was....you are so MEAN! 
then i begged a bunch to open it right away but he wouldn't budge. 
luckily he was home within about 30 minutes and i got to open my christmas present.

it was the vintage style lock necklace that i had been admiring
and i couldn't be happier about having it.
he always seems to know how to make my day.


  1. That's so pretty. He's a good gift giver isn't he?

  2. you have an adorable husband... you are so cute pregnant skye! xo


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