christmas picture chaos

this weekend marked the 9th time that we got together for our annual christmas picture with the dogs. 
after the very first year our dogs went from 2 to 5 and then we added a person....will....back in 2009.  i got really happy thinking about how there will be another person added to next years picture....a little girl. 
every time we get together for this, it is quite the fiasco.  none of the dogs want to cooperate at the same time.  one or more of the humans has a funny face from coaching the dogs to sit still.  then there is always someone with their eyes closed.  this was the first time we had snow in our christmas picture which was so exciting but of course added to the challenge of getting a good shot.  the snow which had stopped before we made it out to my moms house, picked up again just as soon as we got out there to pose.  it was so cold but so beautiful.  there are usually 100 or so shots taken and we are lucky to find one that is acceptable.  our photographer has changed over the years but the instructions are always the same....just keep snapping no matter how crazy we look because that is the only way we get a winner.  i kind of wish that this is the one we were sending out because it is the most accurate representation of our group.  for the first time in history our winning shot was the very first picture taken.....i'll post the winner once cards are sent out.  more on our snowy adventures next time.

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  1. Haha, it's crazy when we try to include Gia in pictures, so I can only imagine trying with that many dogs!

    Speaking of which, we got professional pictures taken this year, and the package included Christmas cards. Now I feel guilty that Gia won't be in them. :(


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