the wedding of a best friend

over the weekend we spent a little time in sedona for the wedding of our very good friends.  michaela and i have been friends for close to 15 years.  she is a person who is very dear to me.  she is someone i love spending time with and someone i have made tons of fun memories with.  her husband chris is also a friend.  in the past few years i have had the chance to really get to know him and i'm glad he is a part of the group.  luckily will and chris have also become friends because when the four of us get together michaela and i can have our girl time without worrying that the guys are bored.  their wedding was beautiful.  the ceremony was held out by the creek and it was just perfect with all of the colorful trees in the background.

michaela looked like a dream.  her dress was stunning, really everything about her was.  she had that permanent smile that i remember having at our wedding.  i asked her if her cheeks were sore from smiling so much....they were.

 good thing marcy was at the wedding too because we were basically glued to each other. she had me laughing all night. she was so obsessed with my belly during the evening. she kept talking to the baby girl inside and basically wouldn't keep her hands off my tummy. i never knew having a baby in your belly turned you into an instant celebrity. all night people were touching my tummy and saying sweet things.  marcy wouldn't let the night go on without snapping a picture of the famous belly.
i love marcy.
i also love the beautiful bride.
next we all took turns getting our picture with our favorite groom.

it was quite the magical evening with a few of our favorite people.

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