st. george part 1

over the weekend we took a road trip to st. george, utah to stay with my friend amerest and enjoy halloween festivities. 

first on the list after our arrival was pumpkin carving, well the start of it anyway.
amerest had tickets to a really neat halloween show that us 6 adults would be attending that evening.

thriller was held at an outdoor amphitheatre.  we couldn't take pictures during the show.  i did have opportunities to get pictures of the zombies, which stayed in full character, walking around during the intermission but i was too amazed watching them sneak up on people and making sure one didn't sneak up on me that i missed out. 
in a nutshell the show included several different acts which were performed by a professional dance team.  
there was music, all forms of dance including ballet, special effects, and acting which kept us entertained.  we were quite mesmerized by the slightly frightening performance. 
amerest and i waiting for the show to begin.

on the way out i managed to get a blurry shot of one of the zombies that tried to get us. 
after the show we went to a pumpkin patch/farm.
amerest wanted all of us to go through the haunted corn maze attraction at the farm. 
when she told the stories of previous years attending that attraction i was so freaked out and practically refusing to go.  i don't do well with that sort of thing.  the rest of the group wanted to attend so i had to suck it up and go.  when we got there i spotted a sign that said pregnant women should not go through the attraction due to risk of falling on unstable ground.  i thought that was my ticket out but it wasn't.  we waited in line for what seemed like hours in the freezing cold to get to the haunted corn maze.  i could have taken so many cool pictures there but i didn't even think to bring my camera, i was too worried about what was ahead.  when we finally made it to the attraction i kept reminding myself that everything was fake.  will held onto me really tight and we went slow even when we were being chased by chainsaw wielding zombies....not fun.  we made it through without incident.  i did jump a few times and i hated the end where we had to push through what seemed like two giant black bounce houses pushed up against each other, appropriately named the birth canal.  i am claustrophobic but it was the only way out so i did my best to stay calm.  i have to say that the work which went in to building that attraction was amazing, the actors were really good.  it was the best/scariest haunted maze i've seen, very impressive and spooky.

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