more baby stuff

getting baby things has been so fun.
here are her most recent outfits...
parts of this hello kitty set was something i had hoped she could wear home from the hospital.  unless she is a giant baby (which i doubt) it seems all this stuff would be too big.  i guess we will see.

my mom got her this adorable jacket.

more harajuku mini magic.

this little horse outfit is something i couldn't resist because for one it is so cute and for two it is a graphic by old time disney artist mary blair.  i've always admired her work.  she is the person who designed the it's a small world ride at disneyland and since that was my favorite ride back when i was 4, i guess i've admired mary's work for a long time.

this tutu is another harajuku mini item....i love it.

houndstooth shoes....because in my opinion everyone needs to own something with houndstooth print.

and then there is this outfit.  when the harajuku mini line was released this was the outfit i wanted most.  i searched all over for this one and couldn't find it. 3 different trips to 2 targets and still no outfit.  my aunt searched for it too.  then i contacted my friend michaela in vegas and asked her if she could help me track it down.  a few phone calls later it was found....the last one in the size i needed. 
she gifted our little girl with one stylish outfit.

while on the topic of baby stuff i have to mention just how thankful i am for the generosity of friends.  the linn family hooked us up with all sorts of baby goods.....so many clothes and many other amazing items that we needed.  their kindness really means so much.


  1. It's all so cute, but the houndstooth shoes and the jacket your mom got her are rocking my socks.

  2. Love the shoes too! So glad you got the little plaid outfit, your girlie will be a rockstar! I am ready to see weekly baby bump pictures ;) You'll be so glad you did it later.


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