marble track

one day za husband and i were discussing some of our favorite toys from childhood.  i told him how a few of my favorites were at gram and gramps house when i was a kid.  i explained probably 3 toys there that were especially important to me that i played with on a regular basis when at their house.  one of those toys was a marble track similar to the one pictured above.  being the thoughtful guy he is, will secretly searched online for a marble track like the one i described.  he found this one and bought it with intentions to not mention it so i could be surprised by the mystery package at the door.  well he's about as good at keeping a secret as i am....terrible at it.  not too long after he made this secret purchase he told me about it because he just couldn't hold it in any longer.  i love this present because it is thoughtful and takes me back to a special time in my life.  i'm sure our little girl is going to love it at some point in the future too. 


  1. I can literally hear the sound that marble track would make in my head right now. I loved that too as a kid!

  2. yes lisa! i can hear the sound too :)


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