ultrasound of a miracle

i had an ultrasound yesterday.  you know...the ultrasound where you have to drink gallons of water first and hope you don't pee your pants. 
it was so interesting to see all of our little girl's organs. 
i was most amazed at seeing her heart beating close up and watching all four chambers do their thing. 
i felt so thankful to know that each part of her tiny body seems to be healthy and growing at the correct rate. 
we got a special little sneak peek of her in 3D. 
she also wiggled around a bunch which was fun to see, but it doesn't really make for the best photo of her.
so here she is body facing forward, head turned to the side, with a little arm up and hand next to face.
she had one or two hands up near her face almost the entire time, which i thought was really cute.
although i think anything is really cute when it comes to her.
it is so unreal to know that this little miracle is happening inside me.


  1. That picture is beautiful! She really does look perfect Skye! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. aleasha....your comment made me so happy!


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