movie date

sometimes you just have to take the day off work and go to a matinee.
that is what we did friday so we could see breaking dawn.
yes we are a couple of those weirdly obsessed people. 
books way better than the movies obviously.  
but still i could hardly wait to see the movie, cheesy parts and all.


  1. So what did you think? I was slightly disappointed...There where a lot of great parts..but there were also like you said some cheesy ones. Over all pretty good..but I didn't think as good as the others.

  2. i really enjoyed the movie....i mean nothing compares to the books but i feel like i liked this movie better than the last couple.

  3. Yes that is true, the books are amazing. I guess we would be in for a 4-6 hour movie if they went by the book. I'm excited for the last one. I think Bella as a vampire will be great.


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