walking in high heels and 5 years ago

ever is really interested in clothing and shoes that aren't her own lately.  she puts on shirts of mine or will's all the time making a disaster of our closet in the process.  she puts on our shoes and awkwardly shuffles around the house.  usually she has two different types of my shoes on.  i find this behavior of hers really cute minus mess she makes while doing it.  sunday when my mom was here she put on her high heels and clomped around the house.  we were pretty impressed with her ability to walk in them.  of course the moment she saw the camera she stopped wanting to perform for us.  

i'm so bummed her face is blurry in this one because i love how it turned out besides that.  she has the determined look going on with her tongue sticking out and her baby sisters are sneaking in the picture.  

ever spent a lot of time with my mom over the weekend and as nice as it was for us to get things done like newborn laundry and organizing without interruptions i really missed her.  her funny little personality is addicting.

also worth mentioning....it was 5 years ago today that will asked me to marry him.  in honor of that here is a picture of us from 5 years ago.  will mostly looks the same to me minus the big beard he's rocking now and maybe a couple new wrinkles.  i look so different.....i blame it on being an incubator to 3 babies in the last five years and all the sleepless nights ever gave us.  did i mention she finally started sleeping through the night a couple months ago.  only took her well over two years.  lets hope the twins like sleep more than her.  i want my skin to look like that again....and my hair....and.....everything.  hopefully someday soon.  so glad will made the wise decision he did five years ago and that i went along with it.  it was a smart move for both of us.  he is the very best person for me.

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  1. You are every bit as beautiful now as you were then Skye!!


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