my mama's girl

it is rare that i'm away from ever but if i am she is usually perfectly content with will or my mom.  
yesterday evening i had a hair appointment and she was having fun with will, she didn't seem to care when i left the house.  when will isn't here she often asks for him and i always think she could care less when i'm gone because she sees me all the time and i'm not nearly as fun as will....especially lately.  upon returning home ever greeted me in the sweetest way she has yet.  she kept hugging me and kissing me.  she said things like "mama you came back!"  or "i missed you mama!" over and over.  she didn't want to leave my side for the rest of the night.  will told me how he kept explaining to ever that i would be home after my haircut because she asked a bunch and seemed concerned.  another thing that was super cute was how she said "i like your hair mama" when i walked in the door.  ever can drive me crazy quicker than any human on the planet but as soon as i'm away from her i instantly miss her even if i am out on a fun date with will and the freedom is nice.  then it hit me....how are ever and i going to handle being away from each other when i'm in the hospital for a couple nights after her baby sisters arrive?  lets just hope that the magic of spending time with yaya makes it easy for her and the magic of two newborns to snuggle makes it easy for me. 

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