30 weeks pregnant with twins....family photo shoot

i make a habit to keep the camera with me as we spend our evenings outdoors because ever is always doing something that warrants photos or videos to be taken.  
it just so happens we ended taking pictures of all 5 of us instead of just ever.
this is my 30 week twin belly.
i had just finished up with an informative doctors appointment.  in two weeks i'll be having bi-weekly appointments that involve being hooked up to a monitor that measures contractions and babies heart rates from what i understand.  i'm assuming it is like the machine they hook you up to in the hospital before the baby is born.  these appointments will continue until the babies are born.  so basically i'll be living at the office but whatever it takes to be sure all is going well.  although i haven't felt as great with this pregnancy, according to the doctor everything is going perfectly and that is a relief.  carrying twins is hard work but i'm glad my body is strong and healthy.  my c section was scheduled for when i'm 38 weeks but i'm not even counting on that date because doctor said he really doesn't think they'll stay in that long.  i'll just be happy to make it to the safe zone of 36 weeks, that is my first goal.  i might be so uncomfortable at that point that i won't want the pregnancy to last any longer but my second  goal is to make it to 37 weeks.  when i look at these pictures it is really hard to imagine several more weeks of growth.   

ever was obviously discussing something funny like usual.

here ever was attempting to hug the baby sisters real quick as she ran by.  we keep trying to get sweet pictures of her with the belly but she is too busy and wiggly to let that happen.

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