checking on f & o

yesterday i had my 28 week doctor visit and an ultrasound....bonus to having twins is seeing them on the screen a lot because their growth has to be checked often.  
speaking of growth they are almost exactly the same size as they have been all along.  baby a is just a fraction bigger and she has been since the beginning.  they are also right on target size wise as one baby would be.  estimated weight on them is about 2 pounds 11 oz each.
lately i've been confused a little bit about what movement was coming from which baby because i wasn't sure where they were in there so it was really cool to confirm their position and know who is kicking me all the time in certain spots.  now it all makes sense why i feel so much movement in the places i do.  currently baby a (or f....first initial) is breech and on the left side of my body.  baby b (or o...first initial) is what they call transverse....lying in a more horizontal position up higher then curving down across the right side of my body.  one thing that was the same from the last ultrasound is these girls like to have their heads together as you can see in the picture below.
i think that is really cute.  i don't know if they'll move positions a whole bunch before they arrive.  i bet they will continue to keep their heads together in there and after they arrive too.  f wouldn't show us her face at all and was more stubborn with measurements as she always has been.  o opened her mouth for us like in previous ultrasounds and was more agreeable for measurements.  

as i mentioned in this post ever has been interested in putting things like the wii remote on my belly to "listen to her baby sisters".  we told dr. taylor about that and he decided ever should take over the doppler to listen to her baby sisters heartbeats.  she was so impressed that he let her do that.  here are pictures displaying bright shiny new stretch marks, plus a video of her taking over the doctor role.
will always tells me i've earned my tiger stripes....what we call my stretch marks...and that i should be proud of them.  he kisses each new one that arrives.  i look at them as a badge of honor especially all the new ones because they are the signs of carrying two babies at once.

i will always cherish these sweet moments captured of ever checking in on her baby sisters.

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  1. How cute!! I love how Ever got to help out! :)


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