it's funder!

one thing i really love about summer is the monsoon season.  i have always been a big fan of cloudy rainy days.  will loves that kind of weather too and it seems ever gets the exact same happy energy we do about it the minute clouds fill the sky.  maybe we aren't living in the right place since rainy days are rare here.  last year during monsoon season she seemed very intrigued and played outside in the water once the lightning had passed.  this year her excitement over it has doubled.  when she hears a loud noise she'll ask "what's that noise?" in an enthusiastic way then she answers her question with "it's funder!" even if it isn't thunder.  she begs to play outside the moment a storm starts but we tell her she has to watch it from the window until it is safer to go outside.  last week during one of the biggest storms yet this season ever insisted on wearing her rain boots, although as you can see pants were optional, and she excitedly splashed around in the water.  she kept saying....it's freezing cold! and it actually was chilly but that didn't stop her from having fun.  we finally took her inside kicking and screaming.....she would have played out there all night. 

weather like this makes the heat of summer bearable.  i hope there are many more stormy rainy days ahead....enough to finish out this pregnancy would be nice.  in fact i told will that i hope the day the twins are born there is weather like this....it just seems like it would be extra magical.

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