the 2 year old teenager

lets talk about some of the things this 2 year old teenager of mine has said lately.  
some people might not believe the conversations we have with her unless they have spent any amount of time around her and then they just know that this is ever.
the other night ever was convinced yaya was coming over.  when i explained to her that she wasn't coming over she wanted to know where she was.  i told her she was at bagpipe lessons and this was how the rest of our conversation went.

e: "take me to see her."
me: "i can't because papa has the car and he's at the store."
e: with a very annoyed look on her face "papa is at the store again......seriously?!"
i started laughing so hard and told her how funny she is.  she held her finger up to my mouth and said "shhhh quiet."

yesterday after waking up from her nap...
   e: "i need to text yaya."
me: "you need to text yaya?"
e: "i suppose."

doesn't she sound so grown up?
below are a few cute things she does these days.

last night she grabbed both mine and will's heads and squeezed them then said "i love you guys so much!"


often times when i ask her a question like if she wants a certain thing to eat she will respond with "of course!" followed by an enthusiastic smile or giggle.
another common answer of hers is "uh huh, that's right!" 


when she is running around  the house playing she will ask "what's going on mama?" as she passes by.


i can't get over how much she makes me laugh or how brilliant she is.

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