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yesterday before church ever decided she needed to play with a bunch of bandaids and when she was dropped off to my mom she had at least 3 of them on various fingers.....which according to my mom she promptly transferred to papa kit.  i had the same fascination with them as a child although i don't think anyone let me play with them like i let her.  she'll only be this age once so why not let her indulge in the things she loves.  

we had a photo shoot before she left the house because that is what we do.  while ever was away will ran errands and i relaxed in a quiet house.  i've thought a lot lately about how much things will change once the babies arrive.  part of me is ready for it and part of me isn't.  ever and i have quite the strong bond and a pretty solid routine so there are moments i'm fearful of the changes that will inevitably take place.  i have always had a hard time with change even when it is for the better.  i was telling will last night how upset i am at the thought of being away from ever when the babies are born.  i also shared with him that at the same time i want to be able to feel like i can absorb every moment of the twins being born in a way that i couldn't with ever.  it is all hard to explain but i'm sure those of you who went from having your first to your second child (or in my case...second and third child) get what i'm saying.....right?  

i also happened upon a tragic story when i was home alone of a little 3 year old girl who died when her dresser tipped over on her.  this particular story happened several years ago but the mom is on a mission to educate people about securing furniture so things like this don't happen to others.  reading tragic stories are good for me in the sense that they bring me back to reality and give me a stronger sense of appreciation for the good things in my life plus they are often educational.  i've never been more happy to see my wild mess maker than i was after crying my eyes out while reading that story.  she may be difficult a lot of the time but i'm so happy to have her around.

ever said and did lots of funny things yesterday evening.  i'll share one of the many stories.  i would tell them all but i don't want her to someday be embarrassed by my over sharing.  
as we were relaxing after dinner last night ever walked up to will and said "shake my hand papa" and she stretched out her hand to him.  she's never done this before and of course we thought it was incredibly cute. will shook her hand and as they shook hands ever asked "how are you papa?"  she then turned to me and did/said the same thing but of course changed it from papa to mama.  we laughed so hard!  i figured she picked this up from observing people at church because the handshake and how are you are common there.  even when we think ever isn't noticing things she is always observing as is evident by what she says and does.  i love my observant girl so much! 

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  1. Ever looks so cute in her little dress! And I love the story of her shaking hands with you guys! :)


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