july 4th of 2014

we celebrated the 4th of july basically the same way we have since we have lived in this house the last four years.  nothing too fancy...hanging out together, having festive food, watching the fireworks from such a distance you can't see them very well but at least there isn't a crowd to deal with, and playing with sparklers.  last year i remember saying i'd brave the crowds next time for ever's sake so she could really experience the fireworks....little did i know i'd be hugely pregnant with twins and barely able to stand up for more than 15 minutes at a time.  so we went with our calm plans at home.  ever was just happy to have her favorite people over.
also i noticed the lens of my camera was dirty after taking most of the pictures that night.  i still like what i captured even if it involves smudges and blurs.
ever observed yaya making a cake and devoured as many berries as she could before the cake was assembled.
she made the face that i have always made and i'm proud she knows how to do it.  we make this face at each other all the time and laugh about it.  i think i have a picture from years ago of my cousin lisa and i doing this face on the fourth of july.  lisa....now there is one more person in our cool club.

here are some of the yummy red white and blue treats...even red white and blue potato salad.

the twins celebrated in my belly.

busy being creative with her paints, markers, and stickers.  

ever has a recent obsession with showing everyone her belly....including pellegrino.  we can be in a public place and she yanks her shirt up to show off her belly.  it is because of all the attention my belly gets these days.  in fact...cute little story....ever got one of the wii controllers out the other day and she pushed buttons then put in on my belly to "listen to the babies hearts".....obviously she pays attention at my doctor's appointments.

i was admiring the pink clouds as the sun was setting.

then ever admired them too.

ever had so much fun with her glow bracelets and the company that she didn't really care to pay much attention to the fireworks.
it was comical watching me climb into the back of brandon's truck so we could drive down the street to watch the far away fireworks.  will had to give me a boost then he retrieved the step ladder to help me out when we got back home.  one thing i loved was how it sprinkled a little rain on us during the firework show.  it was actually really nice out especially to compare with last year.  it reminded me of ever's first fourth of july when it was almost chilly out due to monsoon activity.
and sparkler time.

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  1. Yay smush face! Glad you are passing that down to the next generation :)


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