the models

will's beard has brought him all sorts of attention.  the shirt he is wearing is one that was sent to him by a beard balm company in the uk because they wanted him to represent their brand.  so he got a shirt and some of their product in exchange for them getting to use a picture of him and ever on their site to advertise merchandise.  while getting a photo for that purpose i decided to go ahead and take a bunch more because that is what i do.

do you see that look of adoration?

ever has developed a recent obsession with one of the lilo and stitch videos on netflix.  one day while watching it she started to mimic the hula dancing.  so if you ask her to dance like lilo and stitch she will hula the best she knows how as you can see in the next few pictures.

if you pay attention to any of the pictures of ever on her strider bike you'll see that she usually has a small stuffed animal tucked under the handle bars.  she is always carrying around some sort of plush or doll....she treats them like they are real live creatures with feelings.

all of the ominous clouds lately make us happy.

i captured more lovey dovey moments between these two.

ever specializes in cracking us up and cracking herself up.

we've watched this video about a million times lately.  ever walked up to me and kept saying oh my gosh when her dress would be blown up by the wind.  she is always so entertaining.

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  1. I LOVE the video of Ever and I love the pictures of Will and Ever too!! :)


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