will's bmx bike dreams came true

yesterday morning i got a call from one of will's co-workers rick (the guy in the blue shirt).  he mentioned that he had orchestrated a surprise for will and a bunch of the people in the department pitched in.  he wanted me to be there for the unveiling of the surprise.

will had mentioned to me a couple times this bmx bike he had when he was younger.  one time he wrecked pretty bad on his bike while out with friends and although he was injured the first thing he asked about was the condition of his bike.  he loved that bike.  i guess recently the guys in the office were discussing bikes and the one will once had came up in discussion.  will found parts of that bike online and rick was telling will he should order them to rebuild it because he could tell will was passionate about it.  will told rick he had other responsibilites like the baby things we need and such so it wouldn't be something he could do.  at that point rick went on a secret mission and actually found the exact bike will had 17 years ago except a little bigger to fit him now.  an added bonus was that this one had lots of upgrades.  rick got a bunch of people to pitch in and then he drove to phoenix over the weekend  to buy the bike.  he spent the weekend getting all shiny and ready for the big reveal.  
will teared up a bit about the thoughtful gift.  i knew he would.  he said what made it even better was having me, ever, and my mom walk the bike into the room....but lets be honest....i think seeing ever was what made his day the most. 
ever looks a little high in this picture but i still love how sweet it is.  she was just as thrilled as will was.

i love that will was the recipient of this generous thoughtful surprise.  he is always selfless putting everyone's needs before his own.  he is incredibly deserving of such a thing.  i was really impressed with rick and everyone else who put this together for him.  rick called it will's congratulations for having twins gift....so cute. 

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