observing ever

i do not like to just sit around especially when there are plenty of things i could be doing but that is what my body is requesting right now so i'm listening even if it sometimes feels like torture.  the plus side to me taking it easy is that i notice a lot more of the things ever says and does.  many times during the days i'm silently observing her and it is very entertaining.  here are some of the recent things she has said or done that i find highly enjoyable.  
-she has taken a real interest in stacking and organizing various things lately.  there are toys she does this with and most recently the jenga blocks.  i found her putting them in rows like in the picture below and other times she would stack them 5 or more high end to end like little towers.  i told her i'd help her build a house with them and i stacked them up in a sort of house then she said "like up.....with the clouds....and the balloons" referring to the movie up.  after she meticulously makes things with the blocks she knocks them down violently and starts over again.  will and i both find these moments of hers incredibly entertaining.
she has been extra sweet and motherly with pellegrino and our other cats (although pellegrino or mister as we most often call him is usually the only one who adores her sweetness).  if they are meowing she asks them why they are crying and hugs them and says sweet things.  we figured out pellegrino wanted a treat the other day so she fed him a spoonful of cream cheese all the while saying lovey things to him.  she also fed him a couple cheetos the other day which he happily accepted.  
she kept looking at herself closely in the reflective overflow drain of the bathtub the past couple nights and it was then that i noticed she was making herself bubble beards then admiring her new look.  she was too busy to let me get a good picture of her beard but i'll catch her one of these days.  
on several occasions recently i'll sit in her room with her while she makes a complete tornado disaster of everything but i don't have the heart to stop her because she is playing imaginatively with books, toys, stickers and so on.  just listening to the conversations she has with her plush toys or her own version of books she reads is so cute.  if only i could figure out how to get her to clean up the messes afterwards.  oh well....messes are a part of our reality these days.  

ever and i both came down with a cough/cold type of thing recently.  i definitely got the worst of it.  i have a really annoying cough that is still bothering me and sometimes i have ridiculous coughing fits.  anytime i have one of those fits ever says "easy mama!" or she asks if i'm okay.

the other day will and i were talking while ever played next to us and will said "unacceptable" about something then ever repeated it but in her own cute way.  we laughed so hard and asked her to say unacceptable about 10 more times.  luckily she granted our wishes.  there was another big word i heard her say that same day but i can't remember what it was now.  

yesterday when she woke up she hugged me told said "i love you so much!" then she hugged my belly and said "i love baby sisters so much!"

anyway that is just a small glimpse of what i've observed from ever lately.  i wish i could remember every little thing because undoubtedly there were many other notable things.  


  1. In that last pic she looks sooo much like you when you were little!

  2. I thought the exact same thing as Lisa when I saw that picture!! :)


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