surprises at the door

when will got home the other day he noticed a couple boxes on the front porch from amazon.  we were confused because neither of us remembered ordering anything that would be in these large boxes.  we opened them and discovered gifts from my uncle brian and aunt merna.  it was a lovely surprise.  truth be told i've been a bit down in the dumps lately because my body feels so limited physically and i've been concerned about these babies hatching earlier than is safe.  a few nice people had offered to help put together a baby shower but i finally decided i just wasn't up for it.  there are definitely things we need welcoming two babies into the world at once....especially things i never imagined needing to get again.  getting these totally unexpected gifts in the mail brought a smile to my face and warm fuzzy feeling to my heart.  i'll be sending a formal thank you but merna if you read this....thank you so much!

one of my most favorite things from ever's baby shower was the notes people wrote to her that i'll someday share with her.  i was sad thinking these two girls wouldn't have the same thing since i decided against a baby shower.  luckily after some brainstorming and helpful offers we figured out a way to celebrate f&o coming into the world even if it wasn't with a big gathering.  

friends and family...in the coming weeks you'll be getting a little letter in the mail explaining things and a couple note cards to write sweet words to our girls.  i am hoping once we adjust to life as a family of five we can plan a sort of get together for loved ones to meet our girls but at the same time i'm being realistic that it might not happen right away.  i never knew how difficult certain things would be after ever was born so i had unrealistic expectations about life with a newborn.  i'm not setting any crazy expectations this time around adjusting to life with two newborns and a lively two year old.

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