will's 32nd birthday

yesterday was will's birthday....the evening before his day as we were out and about i noticed how he resembled the lion on his shirt so i made him pose.  
will took the day off work which was really nice.  we didn't make any major plans.  he talked about how he wanted to take ever to see how to train your dragon 2 so we did that.  ever didn't last the entire movie.  will kept getting up with her near the end and finally he took her out.  the couple other movies she has been to she did really well the entire time so i think it just depends on if it is something that keeps her attention.  

these were the cute moments before the movie started where she was either mesmerized or dancing to the music and telling will important things.
will being the selfless guy that he is decided he wanted to get ever a present on his birthday.  for the last week or so he's been checking out these strider bikes because he wanted to get one for ever.  we tested one out the other day and ever was crushed it didn't come home with us.  so will decided to make her dreams a reality yesterday.  they went and picked out the bike.  she looked at several different colors but went with the blue one which thrilled will because that was the one he liked most.  when i called my mom to tell her will got ever the bike ever shouted "i got my bike yaya!"  will said the best present he could have on his birthday was seeing ever smiling and laughing while learning to ride her tiny bike.  

the bike doesn't have peddles.  the whole point is to teach little ones balance while they push themselves with their feet.  then there are foot pegs for her to rest her feet on once she gets coasting.  eventually when she gets a real bike chances are she won't need training wheels after learning to steer and balance on this.  there is actually a track in town that kids as young as ever race on at competitions.  will plans on getting her involved in that.  she will be outfitted in full racing gear.  what i've seen of those competitions is super cute.....all these tiny kids pushing themselves around a track with little hills while wearing giant helmets and protective gear.  ever watched videos of these races and said she wants to do them.  

ever snuggled up to will after he set up her bike and practiced with her.
those two are so in love with each other and cute together.  ever usually wants me when she is tired or hungry or hurt but when it comes to fun stuff papa is the best.

although we didn't do anything extravagant i'd say will's 32nd year started out pretty great....even if he did spend a bunch of time hooking up our new dishwasher since the old one finally gave up the fight after sounding terrible for months.  he is the best.

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