impromptu play date

when marcy called and said she was on her way over i warned her that the house was a mess and so was i.  to which she replied that she didn't care and she hadn't done anything fancy with herself yet either.  she is one of the handful of people that i guess are lucky enough to see me in a disheveled state.  it is a rare treat to see her so i welcomed the visit even if i wasn't expecting it or ready for it.  besides it's been so long since her little dude zadyn and ever have seen each other and it is fun to watch them play together.  
here you can see these two together when they were younger. 
zadyn was all about being a rough and tumble boy.  ever was more interested in holding his hand or hugging him.  their interactions kept us laughing.  

in this picture she has a look of disgust (which is so funny) but i think she was just preparing herself for a toy that might come flying her way.  she really loved playing with zadyn.

ever tried to get z to dance with her but he wasn't interested.

so she had an owl dance with her instead.

then they cozied up on her little couch looking like they were on a date or something.
it was nice to have some chit chat time with marcy while watching our offspring enjoy each others company.   


  1. They're both so flipping cute. Also he's looking more and more like Marcy to me now!

    1. marcy and i were talking about how we want you to be in on our next play date so be prepared. we just kept laughing at the way they interacted. he does look more and more like marcy.


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