ever the last couple weeks

there have been moments lately where i have wanted to document something funny ever has done but i just haven't been in a mood to blog or do much of anything for that matter (exhausting twin pregnancy).  so here are some cute pictures from the last couple weeks and whatever stories worth mentioning that may or may not relate to the pictures.

when the car is parked ever loves to pretend to drive or roam around in it.  she sure is going to be bummed when her sisters arrive and we are all packed in our vehicle like sardines because she will not have that option anymore.  recently ever has figured out how to put together the buckle that goes across her chest in her carseat.  she loves to say "i do it" when i go to buckle her in and then she and i both congratulate her accomplishment when done.

on this particular morning i told ever i was going to go get ready.  she said "okay mama i watch mermaid, okay?"
i thought it was the cutest scene when i came out of the bathroom and noticed how she pulled her little chair up to the tv and just peacefully sat eating breakfast and watching a movie.  usually when i'm getting ready she is doing something sneaky or destructive.  

investigating the house uncle brandon is buying.  i love her shadow on the cabinet. 

there are boxes in the garage that contain toys from my childhood and recently ever has enjoyed pulling things out of there.  on this day she discovered my rainbow brite doll and every day since this discovery she runs around the house playing with her and yelling out rainbow.  i really love that i still have so many things from my childhood which she now enjoys.

ever had been watching maleficent previews with me which she was really interested in.  when angelina would show up on screen in her maleficent costume ever would shout "mama!" which of course i completely loved.  sure ever.....i'll take that compliment that you think i look like angelina jolie.  then ever started calling the movie "mama corn" for mama unicorn because of the horns on maleficent's costume.  will and i tried to take her to the movie one day even if it seemed a bit dark or scary for a two year old we were sure she would enjoy it.  after all one of her most favorite movies is nightmare before christmas.  my mom saw maleficent before us and she said she thought ever would be fascinated by it.  my mom knows ever well.  ever was so fascinated with the movie that will had to leave with her because she would not stop shouting "oh wow!" over and over.  i didn't want to be one of those annoying people that ruined the movie going experience for everyone else.  i stayed to watch it by myself.  i loved it! sleeping beauty was always my favorite disney movie growing up but this was so different from what i expected it to be in a good way.  the day these pictures were taken my mom came over to watch ever so will could see the movie for the first time and i could see it again.  he loved the movie too.  ever is still asking to watch mama corn but for now she's settled on the animated sleeping beauty.  now ever is always trying to sing like aurora does in the forest.  if i ask her to sing like sleeping beauty she almost always does it and it is the best! 
this is a very brief glimpse of her singing.

determined to lift up her water table....look at that expression.

ever's imagination has really taken off lately.  often i find her dressing up in ridiculous outfits made up of every random article of clothing or accessory she can find.....like when she recently tried to wear a blowdryer as a necklace.  she uses regular household items as props.  just yesterday she had flipped her art easel over and was sitting on it like a chair she took a phone charger cord and pretended to buckle herself in with it.  will and i secretly watch her and listen to her little conversations all the time and we are always amazed by her.  in the picture above she put the washcloth on her head and told me she was a pirate then she was singing 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed and she told me that her sand shovel was her guitar.  

yesterday i noticed she was being super quiet and i wasn't sure where she was.  i walk into the kitchen and see one of her little chairs pushed up to the counter.  she was sitting on the chair with a container of cherry tomatoes devouring them like they were cookies.  she had a sort of guilty look which made me laugh.....sneaking healthy food.

this is just a glimpse of life lately with ever.  i adore the funny imaginative little person she is becoming.  

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