25 weeks with twins

i tried to have will get a good picture of me and the belly last week but it just wasn't happening so this is what my 25 week pregnant with twins belly looks like when i'm looking down at it.  i'm actually 26 weeks now.  i had gone to the doctor this day and i was shocked to find out my weight gain for the month was only four pounds since i'm feeling so large.  in fact my overall weight gain for this pregnancy has been pretty minimal.  i attribute that to my stomach already being so squished which makes it hard to eat much and my body just burning up the calories that these girls demand.   recent food obsessions....a tofu and cous cous creation that i flavor with curry, cayenne, lime, coconut oil then i add lots of tomatoes and leafy greens to it.  probably had that for lunch or dinner several times the last few days.  cherries are my fruit of choice this week.  i recently had a craving for a specific ice cream bar and this type was the only one that would do.  will finally tracked it down at the third store he went to.  i also have had a recent thing for grilled cheese sandwiches cooked in coconut oil (using coconut oil instead of butter makes the sandwich ten times better) topped with a certain cheese, mustard, and lots of leafy greens.  i like to eat sugar snap peas with each bite of sandwich.  when i asked the doctor about all the aches and pains i was feeling he said "twin pregnancies suck".  i have fallen asleep at random times during the day lately.  twice on ever's bedroom floor while we were playing.  i woke up covered in my little pony stickers.  i miss the way i felt when pregnant with ever since this time is a whole new experience but it is certainly enjoyable feeling/seeing two babies move around inside me.  

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