"going to the dishwasher"

on friday ever kept asking to "go to the dishwasher" any time we were in the car.  i finally figured out that she wanted to go to the drive thru car wash, something she had experienced twice before.  so once will got home we decided to make it part of our friday night festivities because she wouldn't stop begging.  ever seemed so excited about going there until the machine actually went to work.  her eyes got huge and she had a worried look on her face but she kept saying "it's okay, it doesn't matter mama" as she clutched what she calls the "mama debit card (my drivers license) and ever debit card (our debit card which features a picture of her beautiful face)"  will and i couldn't help but look at her with amazement and giggle as she was bravely saying cute things in the "dishwasher".  the next day she went back and forth telling us that she wanted to go back to the dishwasher and then there was the occasional "no i not!".


  1. Neely's the same way about the carwash. She has the weirdest look on her face-a mixture of amazement and fear.

  2. I love that Ever calls the car wash the dishwasher. So cute!!! I'm gonna think of that whenever I go get my car washed now. :)


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