a wonderful guy

i had plans to make will's father's day special but they didn't quite work out.  i was going to make him dinner and his favorite cake and give him all the free time he wanted to work in the garage or relax while i made sure the house was tidy and ever was entertained (some of the same things he did for me on mother's day).  first i planned to go to church since my mom was giving a talk and i wanted to be there for that.  although part of me was afraid to go because i didn't want to cry the entire time in front of everyone.  she had asked me for input about my dad to include in her talk and any time i thought of what i wanted her to share during the week i cried but i did manage to hold it together at church.  as we got ready i wasn't feeling so great but i powered through and luckily will joined ever and i at church.  my plan was to get home and do all the nice things for will.  i think i'm getting to that point in pregnancy that the doctor warned me about where i wouldn't feel so great.  i'm officially becoming that annoying patient that has tons of questions and concerns.  i made two surprise visits to the office last week to ask questions and share my concerns.  it doesn't help that i'm a worrier.  i did get explanations and reassurance and was told the way i feel is normal for a twin pregnancy.  i barely had any questions when pregnant with ever because it all went so smooth.  after we got home from church i took a two hour nap which is really rare since i've never been much of a nap taker.  then the rest of the day was spent doing as little as possible because when i stood up or tried to do much i didn't feel well.  i know one thing will was looking forward to the most was his cake and i didn't even get that made.  he kept telling me how i had a more important job of cooking these babies and assured me i shouldn't feel bad.  so the point of my long story is to say what a wonderful guy will really is, although most people already know.  he picked up the house yesterday and helped out a bunch with ever while i whined and relaxed.  then this morning he got up extra early to load the dishwasher and tidy up the house a little more before going to work.  he also left me a sweet note and left a bunch of tear inducing old videos of ever that he found up on the computer for me to watch.  he has really gone above and beyond so many times during the last few months and i look forward to the day that i feel well enough to do lots of sweet things for him.
here are pictures from yesterday....
my latest most favorite picture of will and ever.  
when i posted this on instagram i said that i learned what a wonderful man is from my dad and it makes me so happy that ever and her baby sisters are going to learn the same thing from their dad.
such a true statement.

then i took a few random pictures as ever and her favorite person in the world played in her room.

time to go make a cake.

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  1. I'm so glad you have Will...he's such a great guy. Feel better. I love you guys!


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