friday we went to visit papa at work and ended up spending a bunch of time with yaya too.  
ever enjoyed covering her face in lipgloss as you can see.  she looked like the joker by the time she was done applying several different shades of goo all over her mouth and cheeks.  ever and naughty yaya covered my belly in drawings.  it all started with my mom making a smiley face around my weirdly shaped belly button then before i knew it i had tons of ever scribbles and things ever requested my mom to draw like dogs and ghosts covering my belly.  i'll spare you the picture and video which also displays my new stretch marks.  only a few were lucky enough to see them.
we finally made it home for a late nap and ever was not at all impressed (see photos below) when she woke up and realized the piggy bank which she had been playing with at yaya's work did not make it home with her.

i think it's sweet how she is clutching her baby and crying.  
she got over it fast while watching despicable me 2.
there is a "scary part" at the beginning of the movie that she usually has me fast forward but on friday she decided to watch it and she said to her baby "it's okay baby, it doesn't matter" while watching it.  the way she says matter is extra cute.  it sounds more like "matteler".  yet another little phrase she just started saying one day.

obviously an exciting part of the movie.

we got out ever's water table saturday and the remainder of the weekend was spent playing with it as much as possible.  she kept dunking her face in the water and climbing in there.  i guess we need to get her a little pool.

the babies and i supervised ever's play time and will doing yard work.
i have been feeling the nesting vibe big time lately.  knowing that the end of this pregnancy may not be so pleasant has me in a bit of a panic because if the babies stay as long as they should (and they better) we have roughly 15 weeks before they are delivered.  who knows how many of those weeks i'll be able to actually get things done.  i've had will helping me check items of our big lists and doing chores that involving lots of bending over since it isn't easy for me.  yesterday i got in a major throw away mood as we went through all of ever's toys, then the existing items were organized into bins by what type of toy they are.  i'm getting sort of crazy, mostly in a good way.  can't complain about things being clean and organized.  we were supposed to spend some time with family in vegas saturday but we decided to be responsible and stay home instead.  will took the pager to make us some extra money instead of spending money to drive to vegas.  i still don't see how everything is going to end up working out but we are doing our best to see that it does so i guess that is all we can do.  

when not playing in the water ever was going through items in the office and decorating the house with stickers.  any surface in our house at ever's height is covered in stickers, markers, or pen.

saturday night the babies were the most active they've been yet.  will had one hand on each baby and was amazed at all the strong kicks he could feel.  it was like they were having some sort of dance party in there.  they would not stop moving but we weren't complaining.  it was wonderful late night entertainment.  my food obsession the last few days has been peaches.  i think between ever and i (mostly me) we've gone through 9 peaches in the last few days and late last night will so graciously made a run to the store for another bag of peaches because i was upset about not having any.

this was ever right before church yesterday.  
so happy to be eating smarties.
checking on her baby sisters
doing some table dancing
and talking to will about the spider that was on the ceiling in the dining room months ago.  she always points to where it was and talks about it.  i guess that spider made quite the impression on her.
i always get sad when the weekend is over because it means will isn't home with us all day.  i am really happy that we had a nice productive weekend though.  my mom said the ladies at church went on and on about ever and how smart she is in nursery.  they said they love how much she talks (apparently she is the most talkative one) and how sweet she is.  we love those things about her too.

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