quiet and mischievous

a quiet toddler usually means something mischievous is happening.
last week these were the scenes i came across after ever was being just a little too quiet.  
she actually told on herself with this one walking up to me covered in a powdered substance and saying mmmm tastes good.  i couldn't figure out what she had gotten into until i saw the pancake mix on the floor.  she could have made a much bigger mess with it but luckily she didn't.

putting her frozen hair clips on mister kitty.  
i am convinced he is the sweetest most patient kitty.  he lets ever do practically anything to him.  the love between them is evident and adorable. in fact the other day when she was upset with me for not paying enough attention to her while fixing dinner she found comfort cuddling up with pellegrino on the floor.

wearing one of my shirts.  my clothes are constantly all over the closet floor because ever loves to pull them off the hangers and wear them.  she does it with wills clothes on occasion too but usually my items are her favorite.  she always figures out unique ways to wear them which makes me laugh.  

most of the time i find her mischievous moments to be rather entertaining.

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