sweetness, rocks, a kickball, anchors, and shadows

ever always has sweet moments but yesterday the sweet moments were overflowing.  before lunch she asked to "cuddle up in mama's bed" so we did.  we were watching a movie together and i figured since she was occupied it would be a good time for me to get showered and put makeup on.  i almost got up when she seemed perfectly content on her own but luckily i didn't because a minute later she used my belly as a pillow and cuddled with her baby sisters.  she rubbed her hand on my arm telling me how soft it is and she kept snuggling in closer to me and squeezing me.  a moment i would have missed if i was in a hurry to get ready.  i know the day will soon come that i'll miss the times of it just being the two of us together all day so i'm soaking it up as much as i can.  i've already had anxiety knowing that i'll be away from her for a couple nights when the twins are born.  we've never been apart like that...the longest has been for a full day but never a night.  
after her nap she woke up asking to see "papa bad ass" a title she randomly gave him one day that completely shocked us.  not sure how she came up with that one but it is fitting.  we drove to will's work right away so she could "hug a papa" and kiss him.  on the way there she was making me laugh with her chatter.  she completely lights up and does a high pitched scream as soon as she sees will so when he came walking out to the car she freaked out.  
side story......will has been on call this week and two days ago he had to be at work by 2am to help with some sort of upgrade.  he hadn't slept at all and worked a full shift coming home as ever and i were starting our day.  i tried my best to keep ever quiet so he could take a nap when he got home but after a few hours she couldn't stay away any longer.  she busted open the bedroom door and woke him up and was in the best mood for the rest of the day because i think she knew what a treat it was to have her papa home in the middle of the week.  
yesterday evening we were enjoying some time outside.  ever ran around collecting rocks in her pockets.  it took an hour and some convincing but we finally got her to dump the rocks out after they enjoyed a car ride in her pockets.  she would meticulously pick out certain rocks and then grab handfuls as well when selecting the ones to carry around with her.  i was so entertained watching the process.  
will brought her kickball outside and played as if he was a little kid himself.  no wonder she adores him the way she does.  they ran and laughed and she watched in amazement as he kicked the ball as far as he could.  i have to add that i love the way ever runs.....it always makes me laugh.  i can't even describe it well so i'll have to get a video of it.  she would laugh so hard and be worried at the same time when the ball flew over the wall or way out into the field.  a couple times will scaled a wall to retrieve it and ever looked at him with a wide eyed affectionate look like he was the most amazing super hero in the world.  to both her and i he is just that.  she kept spinning around in circles yelling "surprise" as we played outside together and i really enjoyed that.
when i put ever's shirt on her yesterday i told her it had anchors on it.  she looked at me and said "yeah la luna"  i was amazed.  she remembered the anchor shown in a scene on the short film la luna.  she doesn't miss a thing.    
before we went inside i was noticing my pregnant shadow on the wall and i thought it looked amazing so i decided to take a picture of it.  right as i snapped the picture ever came running around the corner making the picture even more perfect.  
she is the most wild and lovable creature....that girl of ours.

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  1. I wouldn't have remembered the anchor. She's an observant one.


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