22 week jumping beans

i tried to get better pictures with the real camera but the memory card was full and ever wasn't being cooperative so i gave up and took this one on my phone instead. 
such a difference from my pregnancy posts with ever when i had less distractions and took time to post every single week with good pictures, like this magical photo.   
i might look 40 weeks pregnant but this is what 22 weeks pregnant with twins looks like on me.  plus i had just had dinner and eating even the smallest amount makes a difference in how full i look and feel.  dinner was spaghetti squash, black beans, and strawberries....3 of my current food obsessions.  i tend to have a few things that sound good to me and and i eat them over and over for a week or more until i'm kind of sick of them.  last week was veggie sandwiches.  i'd eat at least two a day most days.  i have decided dresses are most comfy lately so i'll keep my couple of maternity dresses in heavy rotation when trying to look presentable....prepare to see them often.  
when lying in bed the other day and feeling baby wiggles i thought of how they reminded me of jumping beans.  over the years when i was a child i was always so happy to have jumping beans.  i remember one summer day in particular that brandon and i went into the gas station with my dad and those tiny acrylic cases stacked on the counter full of clicking beans caught my eye.  my dad got brandon and i each our own little box of jumping beans and i remember being so thrilled holding them when we got back in the car.  i talked about which name would be best for each one.  naming things has always been extremely important to me.  i took great care in picking out the perfect original name for each little bean.  in fact i remember conversing with my dad about how one of them would be named pico.  
yesterday i was sharing with will how feeling the baby wiggles reminds me of jumping beans and imagine my absolute shock when he informed me that he never had jumping beans as a child.  now i have to find some just so he can experience them.  i told will how when i'd hold the beans in my hand i'd feel this little sensation right before they'd jump and sometimes it is the same with the babies.  there are times they completely surprise me with their movement but then there are times when i know right before they are going to do a big kick.  feeling that movement as i've said before is my most favorite thing.  it is even more special this time because i can tell which baby is wiggling.  realizing that not everyone gets the magic of feeling two babies move at once is one of the things that makes me feel extra fortunate to experience this twin pregnancy.    


  1. I know exactly what you mean about that feeling right before they kick, I always tried to tell Jess when they were about to kick, but I wasn't fast enough. (I never experienced it with jumping beans, because I've never had them either. Just with babies)

    1. how am i the only person who had jumping beans? you need some too!

    2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0nEcObP7wTQ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mexican_jumping_bean


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