ever loves it when i go to the doctor

as we were leaving the house for my doctor's appointment yesterday i asked ever to smile for a picture....she did this instead.  seems to be her new trick as you can see here.

this is a tiny glimpse of her happy hop she's been doing lately.  my brother did the same type of hop when he was little and my parents called it his happy hop.

when we drive around town she is always asking to go to the doctor and see baby sisters so she was really happy her wish came true yesterday.  she didn't get to see them but she did get to hear their heartbeats and that made her happy.

i think she was saying a version of clippity clop here....that is the noise her ride on pony makes.  it also sounds like she is saying teacup or something else.  whatever it is you can tell she was quite pleased and at the end of the video she starts singing let it go from frozen.  that is a common thing lately...her running around the house singing "let it go" over and over.

other things that thrilled her were seeing papa, yaya, the pond, and getting snacks from the hospital cafeteria.

finally a decent picture of the 5 of us!  i should have turned to the side to show off this amazing growing belly of mine.  

this little lady likes to walk around the hospital like she owns the place and she is rather fond of the attention she gets these days.

one thing i didn't like hearing at my appointment was the truth.  the doctor said "you have about two months left of feeling pretty good and then you'll basically be miserable for the remainder of your pregnancy, that is just how it is with multiples due to the volume you are carrying."  so basically i was told to take full advantage of getting things done and enjoying life the next couple months, which i had already planned on.  i asked how i'd be able to sleep at the end because i've already been having a little bit of a hard time feeling comfortable at 21 weeks.  he said....you wont sleep at the end.  awesome!  not sleeping or being comfortable at the end of my pregnancy then not sleeping once they arrive because i'll have two newborns to take care of all while trying to heal from a c-section.  i'm just going to do my best to stay positive and focus on the great things like the movement i feel from them which i adore and the fact that i'll soon have two tiny babies to snuggle.  i could easily let my mind be overrun by the worries i have but i just have to take it one day at a time and know that everything will work out.


  1. Aw, you guys are all so adorable. Glad to see you're doing well. Miss you lots!

    1. your comment made my day.....miss you lots too! come hang out with us and watch adventure time!

    2. Haha yes, one of these days we should make a Kingman trip.

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