happy 34th

my day started with this card will made for me.  i laughed and cried a little at the things he wrote.  it was just the sort of creative thing i love.  
not too long after that my sweet friend aleasha came over with these pretty flowers in a super cool vase, along with fancy cupcakes, and the sweetest card.  i'm a total card lover.
right after that bobbie and mia came over bearing cute gifts and another great card.

my present from will arrived after that.  i had been mentioning that i really wanted a fancy mirror with a light to do my makeup so he hooked me up.  he said there are a couple other little things that'll be showing up soon too.  i love the gift note he included.
no birthday is complete without a letter and drawings from my beloved matthew.  he has been spoiling both ever and i with his amazing letters lately.  

 and just for fun here is an 18/almost 19 week twin baby bump picture.  ever had just poked her eye while working on a million birthday drawings for me so she wasn't in the mood to be set down.  i can't complain that she is hiding some of my largeness either.  

i couldn't get over how funny and sweet ever was today...it was as if she really knew it was my special day.  she went on and on telling me happy birthday and drawing me birthday pictures and saying hilarious things.  i love that little creature so much!

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