everisms--chapter two

-"stop it honey!"  she blurted this out a few times in the car yesterday when will accelerated faster than she wanted him to.  usually she is saying "faster" to him so i think she was copying what i usually say for my sake.  i hear she says faster most when i'm not in the car.  

- i heard her making kissing noises in her carseat.  i turn around to see her pushing two parts of her skirt together so that the jellyfish on the print of her skirt was kissing the mermaid.  

-"spring chicken"  on my birthday she randomly said this.  will said she was trying to tell me i'm no longer a spring chicken but i like to believe she was telling me that i actually am a spring chicken.

-several times a day ever asks to hug, kiss, or talk to her baby sisters.  she lifts my shirt and says "hello baby sisters" or "oh so sweet" while hugging my belly.  the other night she surprised us with a new little thing.  she pretended to take a bite of my belly and said "mmmmm babies good".  i asked her what the babies tasted like and she said "cake".  so i guess i'm baking two sweet cakes in my belly. 

-every time she sneezes lately she says "excuse me" in the cutest lady like way.  

-first thing in the morning ever usually makes me laugh with some of the things she says or does.  another thing i've noticed particularly in the morning is that she says "um" when i ask her a question followed by a long pause and then an answer.  she also recently started saying yep frequently.  will and i don't say that so i'm not sure how she started that one.  one morning our conversation went like this:
me: did you sleep good?
ever: um....yes.
me: do you want to go get some breakfast?
ever: um....yep.
me: are you pretty?
ever: um.....yep. 
me: is mama pretty?
ever: yep.
me: are your baby sisters pretty?
ever: (long pause) no fanks.

i laughed so hard. 

i'll leave you with this video.  ever loves to always say "bees a buzzin".
she picked this up from the song on frozen that olaf sings about summer.  i think he says bees buzz but she gave it her own flare.  

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  1. Swooning over Ever calling Will honey and saying the babies taste like cake ;) from the mouth of babes! sigh.

    also the jellyfish and mermaid kissing :) precious little girl!


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