everisms--chapter three

-"go faster honey!" she said this to will the last time we were all in the car together.  i guess she sides with me some days and she sides with him some days.

-when she sees a toothbrush, fork, or comb she calls them dinglehoppers. (can you tell she's been going through a little mermaid phase?).  i actually caught her combing her hair with will's toothbrush a few days ago.

-"i got you, i'll keep you safe." said this to our cat pellegrino while holding onto his tail.

-she was on my lap watching some youtube videos of little kid learning songs the other night.  she started dancing while sitting there then she grabbed my belly with both hands and started shaking it shouting "dance babies!"

-when she talks to the babies she thinks my belly has to be exposed for them to hear her so she'll lift my shirt to say what she needs to say and then she puts my shirt back down and says "bye babies".

-she's been going out on little dates with will lately and often they stop at the pet store since she is fascinated by animals.  after their last outing i asked her which kinds of animals she saw and her list went like this "i see birds, fishies, mermaids..."  what if she really thinks you can buy mermaids at the pet store?  i would like to pretend that it is true, although i think she saw a little mermaid aquarium decoration.
-ever likes when i sit on our bed and she holds my leg and pretends she's riding a horse.  she'll say "hold on tight" as i wildly flop her all over. she purposely lets go and falls then laughs.  as we were doing this i was calling her a drunken noodle (a favorite thai food dish of mine).  she thinks our little game is called drunken noodle and one day she kept telling me she wanted something while pointing to the bed but i couldn't understand what it was.  i finally figured it out and she was so happy.  
she calls our game "drunken noodle-loo" 

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