ever is full of funny words and adorable moments lately.  in an effort to remember all of these moments i write them down in my phone as they happen and i suppose documenting them here will become a regular thing.
(just trying on a bunch of my bracelets and wearing underwear over her clothes...a regular day in ever's world...always making a fashion statement.)

-"i so smart!" she randomly blurted that out while playing the other day. 

-"favorite" she said this to me while holding her hand on my face and gazing at me lovingly.

-"oh jeez mister!" she opened the front door and started walking in as our cat pellegrino bolted out almost knocking her over.

-"come here i have to show you something!" she said this to a few of her stuffed animals while running to show them her new kid sized table and chairs.

-"mama cry?  i hug your face" she said this to me while wiping away my tears and squeezing my head. (she caught me in a moment of feeling overwhelmed about the twins and all that we need to get for them.)

-"i too old" when i asked her how old she is.

-"i choked!" said this after she gagged and threw up while smelling something unpleasant.  this girl has the most sensitive nose and gags regularly at smells.  

-"lets go see papa, i miss him." upon waking up and discovering will was already gone to work.

-"it's okay mama." reassuring me when i asked her what was going to happen during an intense part of ratatouille.

-"i hold your hand." she said this as she grabbed the cats tail.

although i try my best not to miss a thing when it comes to ever's funny moments i'm sure i have missed a couple, but at least i have all these cute ones to treasure.  


  1. Skye, I love your blog so much. Ever is such a unique little person. "I hug your face"...made me get all teary. Thinking of you and your family. Also...I wanted to tell you about this blog I've been following since I was pregnant with Delaney, www.girlsgonechild.net. She has 4 kids, the youngest are twins and she writes about it all in the best of ways. She has lots of insights on twins and busy life...you might like it. :)

  2. Thank you for making my day Nicole! We miss you guys. Ever really is so unique. She seems very different from other kids her age in so many amazing ways. We lucked out with that spirited little lady. I can't wait to follow the blog you mentioned. I've been on the lookout for helpful twin resources. :)

  3. I LOVE that you wrote these here! I remember the time Ever was holding Mia's finger on one of our walks and she told Mia "I like your finger!" We still talk about that! :)


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