etsy finally

for the longest time i've wanted to make and sell prints of my art on etsy but i wasn't sure where to begin.  finally with will's help i made this little dream of mine a reality.  this is just a small selection of what i'm planning on offering.  i wasn't sure about how the printing would go so i didn't want to invest a whole bunch into it until i knew i loved the finished product.  

etsy will be a go to place for affordable prints that are ready be hung in standard frame sizes.  for now i am going to be offering 8.5x11 and 11x14.  i purposely had the printed area smaller than the full size because a larger border makes for a more attractive ready to hang piece. 
i will be adding several other prints to etsy in coming weeks.  
as we make room for the twins i might even be adding some original paintings there.   
 a little over a year ago i set up a shop in society6 and i've sold quite a few things from there.  the beauty of that site is that i don't do much work other than create art and upload it.  since that is the case i also don't have as much say in the whole process.  pros to using society6 would be the ability to have my work printed on various items including throw pillows, shirts, phone cases, etc.  also the fact that they manage all the packaging and shipping.  cons to using society6 is that i don't get so see the final product before it is shipped.  i have no idea who orders what...it doesn't tell me that information.  i don't have as much control in pricing and my profit is incredibly minimal.  that being said i'll still keep society6 open as another option for those who want a framed art print, print on canvas, or various other things my etsy shop wont offer. 

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