building a chick house

ever is obsessed with these fuzzy little chicks.  usually once they are in her possession for a few minutes they are mangled beyond recognition, yet i can't help but to keep giving them to her because she loves to mother them.  she cuddles them, talks to them in a sweet voice saying "it's okay chick i got you", she finds tiny blankets to wrap them up in,  she takes them with her when we run errands.....she adores them.    

a few weeks ago i decided i was going to build a house for the chicks and give ever a house full of them on easter.  i stocked up on the colorful fluffs then busted out the following supplies (all of which i already had):
-hot glue gun
-tongue depressors (these were being tossed a few years ago at work and i took a big box figuring i'd use  them for something, i finally did) 
-scraps of fabric (actually old shirts of mine that were ripped but i never wanted to part with)

it isn't the fanciest thing, certainly not as fancy as i originally pictured it in my mind.  
i'm sure ever will completely appreciate though and that is all that matters.  

if you have a few minutes to spare during nap time and the supplies listed above you can make your child's day with a house full of tiny colorful chicks.  
i can't wait to see ever's reaction when i give this to her in the morning.    

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  1. The chick house turned out soo cute! I'm sure Ever will love it! :)


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