52 things i love about you

i made this for will for christmas.  way back then i mentioned that my plan was to share a few tips on the best way to make something like this for the love of your life.
here you go...
i wanted the cards to have a vintage look to them which i figured i'd have to do myself until i 
found this deck.
i still roughed up the edges with an edge distresser from my scrapbooking supplies.  
before i started working on the cards i made a list of the 52 reasons i love will on a piece of paper.  i wanted to make sure i included serious things, funny things, and i didn't want there to be reasons in there that were too similar.  
i then cut pieces of scrapbook paper that would fit on the cards and distressed those with a brown stamp pad and the edge distresser. after writing the reasons out on those little slips of paper i attached them to the cards (that way if i messed up i could easily write another one without having to pull it out of the book and risk ruining something).  another important tip is to make a guide card to make sure your hole punches all line up.
i added a picture of us.
thread all the cards in the order you wish onto book rings.  again i wanted those to have a vintage look....i found mine on amazon.
ages ago i got these tiny envelopes from anthropologie and to add a special touch i included several of those throughout the deck with the notes tucked inside.  i wrote classified on them....something we always say because of the movie wall-e.

many years ago i found these vintage love stickers at walmart around valentines day.  i included those throughout as well for a special touch.
as you can see you can easily customize this project to be exactly what you want it to be.

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