easter afternoon

easter morning here
 in the afternoon we went to a bbq out at devin and rita's in hackberry.  in order to keep things fair rita marked the eggs with initials so each child would pick up only the eggs marked for them.  if only the critters (bunnies, squirrels, etc.) would have received the memo that stealing candy from the eggs isn't nice.  by the time we finished lunch and went out to hunt eggs many of the them were robbed of candy.  which was actually pretty funny, especially when we discovered eggs that had been chewed into.  

ever was just as awesome and funny at this easter egg hunt.

she charmed the other kids and adults with her impressive vocabulary and squeaky little voice.

will posing with ever who wasn't interested in having her picture taken.

me posing with our other two girls.
i have to be honest...i almost didn't post this picture because i wasn't thrilled with how giant i look.  i was comparing this shot to pictures when i was pregnant with ever and i looked this size at about 26/27 weeks pregnant with ever....i'm currently 17 weeks with the twins.  i don't expect there will be many pictures of me on the blog in the near future.  i'll most likely still post belly pictures like i did with ever because i know that those will be important to me someday regardless of how puffy/exhausted/unattractive/huge i look.  i just can't imagine how i'll look or feel at the end of this pregnancy if this is what it is like now.  more on pregnancy and the differences with this one another time.   
will said i look beautiful and glowing.  if only i could see myself the way he sees me.  p.s. i'm not saying this stuff for sympathy or compliments....just keeping it real.

it seems ever is very interested in heavy equipment operating.

when we got home ever told me she killed this bunny.  i think she said that because we told her to be careful.  when she first saw it she grabbed the cage and screamed from excitement.  we told her she needed to be gentle or she would scare the bunny.  apparently she took that an entirely different way.  good thing ever's interaction with the babies in attendance was the opposite.  she spoke to the babies in a soft voice repeatedly saying "hi baby, hi honey" and touching them gently.  i hope she is the same way with her sisters. 

i'll leave you with this amazing family photo from our eventful easter.  


  1. It sounds like a fun Easter afternoon! I love your family photo and Skye, you look all cute being pregnant! Seriously! :)

  2. What a fun (and funny--the wildlife missing the memo!) Easter! I bet it's sweet to see her reaction to babies already. Just wait until it's her sisters. Seeing Felix be a big sister is one of my greatest joys.

    I agree with Bobbie- you are cute pregnant! but I know how you feel. You are braver than me-- I didn't post ANY maternity photos with Noel because I was so disappointed with how huge I came out (not to self--don't wear stripes or a dress that truly isn't fitted). I may have to text you some so you can feel better about your cute self ;) I mean I truly looked bigger than I felt I looked in "real life" if that makes sense. ugh, they were awful.


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