ever the two year old

one last birthday related post about our growing girl.  

two days before ever's birthday we took her to see a movie (mr. peabody and sherman).  we hadn't tried a movie trip since the first time when she was almost 15 months old.  it was such a different experience this time.  ever was so good.  she sat through almost the entire movie, only got slightly restless near the end.  the rest of the time she was content eating popcorn on my lap with her eyes glued to the screen.  every once in a while she would have something to say about the movie or she'd repeat a funny line.  i was so glad it was an enjoyable experience for all of us.  she keeps talking about peabody and eating popcorn.  i think movie dates can happen more often now.
we also spent much of our free time visiting yaya at work.  that was ever's request days before her birthday and on her actual special day.  honestly it is a request every single day.

ever didn't want to stay still for any pictures on her birthday but i managed to get these ones real quick.  her gift from us was the scooter you see in these pictures.  will and i just smile and laugh nonstop when she plays on it because she looks so grown up yet tiny at the same time.  we gave her the first scooter lesson in the house and instantly she seemed to know what to do.  she took off like an old pro.  when she plays on it outside she gets going pretty fast and tries all sorts of daredevil things.
it was so nice to have will off work for a few days and spend a majority of our time celebrating this brilliant two year old of ours.  

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