the twins are...

ever is going to have two baby sisters.  

we were lucky enough to get a quick early peek to determine gender last thursday.  ever was able to see her baby sisters on the screen which she seemed to enjoy and be slightly confused by.  later that day she lifted up my shirt to look at my belly and ask if my tummy hurt.  i think seeing the ultrasound made her think that the machine might be hurting my tummy.  of course it could just be because she always hears me say my tummy hurts because of the nausea that still plagues me occasionally.  she mimics me by holding her belly and doing this funny squinty face while saying "my tummy hurts" in a please have sympathy for me type tone.  i explained to her that we were just looking at her baby sisters and it didn't hurt then she hugged my belly.  she often says she wants to talk to the babies on the phone then she holds her ear up to my belly.  several days before we knew the gender of the babies ever was chatting away in the car and she mentioned something about her two sisters.  so she obviously knew before us.  
we are really happy to have a house full of girls.

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  1. Ever is sooo funny and adorable. I love this picture too! Her hair is getting soo long!!


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