ever's party at yaya's

on sunday we celebrated ever's birthday at my mom's house.  ever thinks going out there is like going to disneyland because she loves seeing yaya and papa kit.  she loves the dogs.  she enjoys running all over and playing in the dirt.
we had a delicious dinner there.  we went for a little hike.  it was a fun evening in the mountains.  

unlike most 2 year olds ever thinks cards are just as interesting as presents.  i think she gets that from me.

among the many fun little items ever opened was her beloved chapstick.  there is this all natural chapstick that i love and use but it never fails that ever gets a hold of the pricey stuff and ruins it.  she has destroyed at least 3 tubes of mine and maybe a couple of my moms.  my mom got her a tube of her own and i think that was what she loved most.  she was so appreciative of every little thing like always.  giving ever gifts is so fun because she genuinely adores anything that is given to her.  the chapstick barely left her hands for the rest of the evening.    

playing in the wagon, opening and closing the gate, investigating the garden...ever loves all things outdoorsy.

hiking with her beloved yaya and papa kit.
she kept saying "chop chop mama!"



see the chapstick is still in her hand.
she likes to rub will's beard and say "oooh soft"

she likes to stop and smell the roses or pine trees.  if we are on a walk in our neighborhood she tries to trespass into every yard to smell plants or weeds in empty lots.

the times my mom wasn't in her sight on the hike she kept yelling for her.  she loves that old bat.  something we affectionately call her...not sure she appreciates it.  i started that but i never knew ever would actually use it.  she likes to repeat everything.

the cutest moment of the night was when she covered her face and had a shy smile while we sang to her and then she blew out her candle without any effort at all.  we repeated the process at least 10 times at her request and we all laughed at how delicately she blew out the candle each time.  

this is her serious face while watching what she calls the "scary part" of despicable me 2 (the very beginning).

here you can witness her delicate way of blowing out a candle.  
she has asked to watch this and every other video i took that night so many times.  she loves watching "bideos"

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  1. I love this post...it brings back the fun loving night and good memories of Ever's burp day. :)


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