being the big sister

yesterday i had a doctor's appointment.  usually we don't take ever with us but i wanted to see what she would think.  earlier in the day i told her i was going to go see the doctor and we would listen to her baby sisters.  until the appointment all she could say is "go doctor...listen to baby sisters" she definitely seemed excited about it.  when we got there dr. taylor surprised us with an ultrasound instead of listening to their heartbeats so that ever could see her baby sisters.  she was way more interested in watching them on the screen than i thought she would be.  she kept saying how cute they were.  
baby a (which is the one that will be born first) was the rambunctious one.  she was wiggling and punching and kicking like crazy (reminded me of ever in her ultrasounds).  baby b was calmly moving a little bit.  we kept getting a really clear look at her face and she was opening and closing her mouth repeatedly.  when we went back to look at baby a we saw that she was kicking her sister....poor baby b.  it was amazing to already get a glimpse at their personalities and watch them in action.  
as we were leaving the office ever told each person she saw how she got to "see baby sisters".  she definitely seems to be taking this big sister role seriously.  
a few days ago she ran errands with will and he told me how she was talking about her sisters while they were driving.  she seemed to miss me and my belly so he told her once they got home she could hug her sisters.  first thing she did when she came in the door was ran to me and hug me then hug and kiss my belly.  it is a regular thing for her to love on her sisters.  she sometimes likes to tell me that she is going to talk to them on the phone then she puts her ear on my belly and says hello.  i love that she is already bonding with them.    

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  1. Ever is hilarious and so sweet! I love her! :)


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