ever's day at bearizona

we followed tradition and took ever on a birthday outing.  this time our animal lover got to go to bearizona in williams, az.  our first stop of the day was at pita jungle in flagstaff (one of the yummiest restaurants there is).  it is usually a chore getting ever to eat but she was all about the food there.  it didn't take any convincing.  she filled up on lentils, cucumbers with tzatziki dip, and fruit.  i'm so glad that when she does decide eating is important she is almost always devouring healthy things.  she has an adventurous palate, or a weird one like me if you ask will.  next we stopped by old navy and world market for a little shopping.  ever deemed anything she saw cute.  she loves shopping for clothes.  while at world market she admired all of the easter decor and she loaded up the basket with what she thought we needed, most of which we didn't actually get.  one thing we made sure to buy there were the colorful fluffy tiny easter chicks that come in boxes of 12.  ever loves those things, she likes to cuddle them and pretend they are tiny babies.  i'm actually planning on making her a fun easter gift involving those...more on that later.   we wanted to have plenty of time at bearizona so we didn't stay in flagstaff very long.  next stop.....bearizona.        
i still can't believe she is two.  i couldn't resist taking pictures of her sleeping like a little angel on the drive.  
enjoying her favorite foods.

i was impressed with bearizona, we all were.  we started with the drive thru part of the park which reminded me of jurassic park.  ever went back and forth between my lap and will's looking at the bears, wolves, bison, etc.  she was a bit restless to really enjoy this part of the experience and she was making it hard for will and i to enjoy it but we still were amazed being so close to all the wildlife.    

the wolves were my favorite...probably because they reminded me of the dogs.  

this was the bear ever wanted to hug.

petting a possum.

attempting to get a family picture.....it'll be even harder when there are five of us.  i'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that in a few short months we will be a family of five.  

out of all the animals ever was afraid of this peacock.  she screamed when it was near her.

the otters were show offs.  they were incredibly friendly and playful.  swimming right up to the glass for attention.

as ever was petting the goats she kept saying "hey buddy!"

the baby bear was so insanely cute.  i wanted to hold it.  we went back to look at it a couple times.  i thought ever would be enamored by it as well but she was more interested in the mice which were near the baby bear.  she kept walking past the bear to the mouse enclosure where she would wave and say "hi ratatouille!"  when you ask her about bearizona she mentions the bears and ratatouille.

i wanted to add a few videos from the day but almost every time i try to put videos on here i end up getting error messages.  i'm tired of trying for now so maybe i'll try again in another post.  


  1. What a fun family adventure!!!

  2. I WANT TO GO THERE!!!! The photo of Ever and the baby bear-- PERFECT!

    *Family of 5* EEK! <3 you are truly bless my beautiful friend.


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