easter morning

celebrating holidays now that ever is at an age where she is really aware is so much fun!  when i put ever to bed i told her that when she woke up in the morning she would have easter presents and eggs to look for.  she seemed excited even if she didn't quite know what that entailed.....so excited that she had a really hard time falling asleep.  ever is not much of a morning person but she was eager to start her day when i reminded her there were surprises.  she was instantly wide awake and so appreciative about her surprises.  the fact that she could start her day with chocolate impressed her quite a bit too.
as i prepared everything for ever i had many fond easter memories come to mind.
spending an easter in california with my dad's side of the family always stands out to me.  i was only about 5 years old at the time but i remember all sorts of fun details about that year.  i remember how i was so proud of one of the eggs i decorated that i took it out to lunch with us like it was the most amazing treasure.

 i remembered an easter when i was about 10 years old that brandon and i had so much fun finding the eggs we had my mom hide them over and over so we could keep searching.  we even had her hiding them days after easter.  brandon always hated it because i was the champion egg finder all the time.  ever seems to possess my finding skills.  with minimal help she found all her eggs quite speedily.

there were the years when i would stay up late with my aunt bobbie the night before easter helping her hide eggs for her kids.  although i was a teenager bobbie would even hide eggs for my brother and i because she knew just how much i loved the ritual.  

as ever searched for her eggs she kept making little humming noises and then she didn't react when she found them she would just pile them into the basket like it was all too easy.  she was entertained all morning by her candy and fun little surprises.  as we got ready for bed last night will thanked me for making ever's easter special.  i told him i've waited all my life for moments like this.  doing these fun things for our girl is a dream come true for me.  

i don't know what it is about uploading videos on here.  some of the time they upload just fine but more often than not they fail to upload.  i took more pictures than videos yesterday so hopefully i can eventually get them to work on here.  next up our afternoon easter celebration at my sister rita's house.  


  1. I'm glad Ever had such a fun Easter....I'm glad Mia and I got to stop by and see Ever and some of her cute and hilarious videos too! I also remember you helping me hide Easter eggs for my kids and then me hiding eggs for you and Brandon...such great memories!! :)

  2. I loved reading about your family memories. I feel like after I had my babies, I truly feel how much our parents loved us and what a wonderful childhood they gave us.

    You are the kind of Mama I want to be. Look at that chick house! so awesome and made with love. I am a fan of the little things and details... like the candy inside her sippy cup. "I Can Fly" is my favorite little golden book. The illustrations are as amazing as the story. Please please please, write/illustrate a children's book someday soon <3


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