shop and giveaway talk

here is the latest painting i added to the {skyelish} family.
my bearded guy asked for something beard related (because he is obsessed with his face sweater...i am too) and this is what i came up with.  
so here is what has been happening on {etsy} since i opened up shop at the end of april.
i made a couple sales which thrilled me.  i had several views and a few items favorited which again made my day.  then i got really frustrated because the next batch of prints i had made turned out like garbage.  we had them reprinted two more times and still garbage which put everything on hold.  luckily after a couple frustrating weeks we figured out a solution.  this solution costs a little more but i am so incredibly happy with how well the prints have come out.  i'd rather have to pay more and charge a little more for a product i'm 110% happy with selling.  
all the prints you see here and more are now happily waiting for a new home.  

if there is a painting of mine that i've done over the years which you'd love to see as a print on {etsy} please let me know.  i plan on adding about 3 or 4 different ones in the next week so keep checking if you don't see your favorite in there yet.....and seriously let me know if there is one in particular you'd love to see listed.  i'm going to give this shop of mine all i can for the next few months.  by september (when the twins arrive) i bet i'll be closing that joint up for at least a couple months, so {enjoy} while you can friends.
also a giveaway will be happening soon.....maybe even more than one so stay tuned for that information.


  1. I am still so in love with the painting you put in Ever's room... The one with all the kids. You can see a part of it in the first picture of this blog: http://skyeandwill.blogspot.com/2012/01/decorating-es-room.html . That's all I could find while blog-stalking, looking for your blog about that painting. I LOVE it. Someday, I will commission you to paint one for me. :)

    1. i love that you commented! i always think of how you really like that painting and you weren't the only one. i should probably have prints of that one in the shop. i look forward to recreating it for you someday. :)


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